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Bond Clauses

Murphy and another v Durie 2006 JOL 18301 (C) [7 September 2006]

When has a loan been “obtained” by a Purchaser? Does the word “obtained” mean the same as “granted”? Does the word “granted” mean the same as “granted in […]

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Beware of poorly worded “Bond Clauses”

Park 2000 Development (Pty) Ltd v Page (905/2010) [2011] ZASCA 208 (29 November 2011)

This recent court case dealt with the “bond clause” and suspensive conditions in a deed of sale relating to the sale of land. In this case […]

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Blank Spaces in Contract

I was recently involved in attempting to resolve a dispute between a Seller and a Purchaser relating to the “blank spaces” in a deed of sale. All standard deeds of sale used by estate agents contain blank spaces which have […]

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