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Disputes about Levies

A number of owners of sectional title units have asked me whether they are entitled to withhold the payment of levies if they are dissatisfied with the manner in which the trustees appointed by the body corporate are managing the […]

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Sectional Title Conduct Rules

Every sectional title scheme has rules which bind the body corporate and the owners and occupiers of all units in the scheme. There are two sets of rules, namely the management rules and the conduct rules. The management rules deal […]

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Maintenance of Sectional Title Schemes

I have been asked quite a few questions recently relating to the responsibility of owners and the body corporate to maintain their sections and the common property respectively in sectional title schemes. To understand this issue, one first needs […]

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Exclusive Use Area

Most people who own property in sectional title schemes are familiar with the term “exclusive use area”. However, a fair amount of confusion seems to exist regarding the exact nature of exclusive use areas. This is not surprising as there […]

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Sectional Title Levies

Last week I dealt with some of the differences between Sectional Title and Freehold Title. This week we take a look at the issue of levies which are payable in respect of sectional title property.

As I mentioned previously, the […]

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Financial Implications of Buying Sectional Title

A Sectional Title Scheme cannot be properly managed by the trustees unless all the owners make regular and prompt payment of levies. The non-payment of levies is one of the main reasons why some body corporates in South Africa […]

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One of the first articles that I wrote for this newspaper, which appeared in the Property Post of 2 August 2003 dealt with “voetstoots” sales and latent defects (this earlier article can be viewed on my firm’s website  […]

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Options and Rights of First Refusal

The terms “option” and “right of pre-emption” (more commonly known as a “right of first refusal”), are often confused by persons involved in property transactions. There is a significant difference between granting or receiving an option to buy or sell […]

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Witnessing of Contracts

In previous columns I set out some basic guidelines relating to the signing and completion of deeds of sale relating to the sale of property and the formalities that have to be complied with to ensure that such contracts are […]

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Breach of Contract

What remedies does a party to a deed of sale have if the other party fails to fulfil his or her contractual obligations?

The first step to be taken under such circumstances is to consider the wording of the clause […]

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